Landscape lighting is very effective and creates a tranquil atmosphere, bringing your garden and home together.

The design of lighting requires excellent knowledge, skill and design. This skill set then follows a thorough and detailed process which ensures every light has been meticulously placed in its correct place, providing a breathtaking garden environment.

Lighting Ideas:

• Provides Safety and Guidance to Walkways, Steps, Driveways and Path ways

• Emphasizes key aspects such as Pools, Waterfalls, Garden statues

• Creates ambience through the garden

• Lighting to trees and boundary points creates a magical and beautiful experience with a natural outdoor illumination

Our design team will provide you various designs and concepts that offer cost effective solutions and energy consumption systems.

Our lighting trade partners ensure we have a wide range of selection that are sourced and offer the most appropriate lighting for your garden.

• Lighting Fixtures

• Cabling & Accessories

• Transformers, drivers and electronics

• Lamps & Lanterns

• LED outdoor lighting

• Spot and Flood Lights

• Path & Area Lights

• Hardscape Lights